Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Knowing When to Call a Doctor

You may find it hard not to worry about the slightest sniffle your little darling
gets, but more often than not it’s nothing serious. However, you do need to
call a doctor if:

Your baby under 3 months old has a fever – this must always be
regarded as potentially serious.

Your child’s listless or miserable even after you’ve brought down her

Your child’s breathing is rapid or laboured.

Your child’s colour changes from pink or red to mauve or blue.

Your child has a convulsion (fit).

Your child loses consciousness.

Your child has blood in her urine, vomit, or stools.

Keep in mind that young children can develop dangerous symptoms quite
rapidly. If your child’s poorly, keep a close eye on her and call your doctor if
you’re in any doubt.


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