Friday, April 14, 2017

Thought field therapy (TFT)

Callahan for treating stress and trauma, thought field therapy (TFT) links the
mind and emotions with knowledge about the ‘energetic body’ taken from
acupuncture and energy medicine (take a look at Chapters 9 and 22 for more
about these treatments).

How does it work?
You are asked to visualise a relevant traumatic event or emotion while tapping
different acupuncture energy points on the body in a specific sequence.
Other techniques involve humming, counting, or moving your eyes in a particular
direction while doing this tapping. These techniques are believed to
re-programme the body and to balance your energy fields.

What’s it good for?
TFT has been used to treat a range of psychological problems, including anxiety,
insomnia, depression, addictions, phobia, and post-traumatic stress.

What’s the evidence?
TFT practitioners claim high success rates, but this therapy remains controversial
as no hard evidence exists to support its use. The American Psychological
Association no longer recognises TFT as an acceptable form of study
for continuing professional development (CPD) of psychologists.


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