Monday, April 17, 2017

Taking a Look at Your Thyroid

Your energy level is determined by your metabolism, which is controlled
by hormones that your thyroid gland produces. If your thyroid is acting up,
chances are you’re seeing some pretty dramatic effects in your energy level.
If you’re incredibly tired or wired all the time, you could very well have a
thyroid problem and you should make an appointment to see your doctor. (If
you’re in need of a doctor or in the market for a new one .If you’ve already been diagnosed
with a thyroid ailment and you’re weighing your options for treatment
(or already receiving conventional treatment), you may want to consider augmenting
your progress with detoxification.

In this section, I dig into the details of the toxins that can affect your thyroid
gland and what you can do to rid your body of those toxins (and keep them
out). I also offer a quick look at some of the things that your thyroid gland
has to have in order to function correctly, and I let you know where to find
those things in foods that fit in with a detoxification diet.

While I focus on the dangers of mercury and aspartame in this section, you
should know that fluoride also affects your thyroid in a negative way. Fluoride
can attach to thyroid hormone molecules and prevent them from working in
your tissues, but the hormones will still be counted in the standard blood test
for thyroid function. In other words, the thyroid test will show that you have
plenty of thyroid hormone, but the hormone doesn’t work.

If your thyroid’s function is just a little out of whack, you can probably make
quite a bit of progress toward remedying the problem with natural means
(diet and supplements are a couple examples). But if your thyroid is seriously
misbehaving, you need medical treatment. You need to consult with your
doctor to determine whether your thyroid problem is a minor or major one.

Mastering mercury
When it comes to thyroid-damaging toxins, nothing is more harmful than
mercury. Mercury basically makes it impossible for your thyroid gland to
successfully produce good hormones, and without hormones from your thyroid,
your metabolism is terribly slow and your energy level goes crashing
through the floor.

particularly problematic toxin because it’s extremely powerful — the second
most toxic substance on the planet, after plutonium — and it’s found all
over the place in our environment. (I fill you in on the details shortly when I
explain how you can work toward limiting your mercury exposure.) To give
you an idea of how toxic mercury is, consider that the amount of mercury in
an old glass thermometer is enough to poison a 26-acre lake.
If you want to enjoy healthy energy levels, you need a fully functioning thyroid.
And if you want your thyroid to perform at its best, you need to rid your
body of mercury.

Getting rid of the mercury in your body
You can choose among several good ways to get rid of the mercury in your
body. At the top of the list is a process called chelation. Chelation is a detoxification
method that involves introducing a substance into your body and
allowing that substance to attach itself to toxins, which are then carried out
of your body in urine or feces. Chelation is a precise procedure that must be
performed by a doctor. (I cover plenty of chelation details in Chapter 18.) For
eliminating mercury, the best chelating agent is DMPS, which is administered
using an IV.

In addition to DMPS, DMSA is also used as a chelating agent for mercury.
DMSA is administered orally, but there’s some debate among experts on
whether or not DMSA can carry mercury into the brain.

If you’re not too keen on chelation, don’t dismay: You can use other methods
to help eliminate mercury from your system on your own, at home. You can
get started with a tincture of cilantro (also known as Chinese parsley), which
is a solution made from the normal kitchen herb that you often find in salsa
and pesto. You can buy tincture of cilantro at most vitamin stores. Tincture
of cilantro mobilizes mercury, moving it to your liver where it’s deposited in
your bile and then moved to the intestines.

That’s the first step, but if you stop there, your intestines will simply reabsorb
the mercury and you’ll be back at square one. To prevent that from happening,
you need a binding agent that will bond to the mercury and hold it in
the intestines until it eventually works its way down your digestive system
and out of the body in your feces. For mercury detoxification, the best binding
agent is a green algae called chlorella that you can buy in powder form.
Here are the details for using tincture of cilantro and chlorella to help clear
the mercury out of your body:

1. Take two drops of tincture of cilantro two times a day, and gradually
increase the dosage over a period of days until you reach the point
where you’re taking ten drops, three times each day. You can do this
easily by making a simple tea with ten drops of the tincture mixed up in
a cup of hot water. Take this dosage for a week, take a two-week break,
and then do it for another week.

2. While you’re taking the tincture of cilantro, make sure you’re also
using your chlorella. Start with one gram of powder four times a day
and increase that amount to three grams, four times a day.

3. Continue taking the tincture of cilantro and chlorella on the alternating
schedule (on for one week, off for two weeks) for six months.
If you get an upset stomach during the process of detoxifying with tincture of
cilantro and chlorella, your first reaction may be to take less chlorella. Don’t
do that! Instead, increase your dose of chlorella to three grams five times a
day or more. Your upset stomach is a sign that you’re removing a lot of mercury
from your system, and you need more chlorella to keep that process
moving in the right direction.


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